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This page aims to very simply outline the events that happen throughout your Main Scenario Questline throughout A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, mainly because it feels like it’s been so long since I did my quests, I wanted to remind myself and have some notes to go back to. Please don’t read this if you haven’t done the quest yet though and want to experience the story for yourself. Riri will give you another stare of doom if you read it and then regret it later! 

For the Lore recap section, I have written notes from Mr Happy’s Lore Videos, check out his YouTube channel here

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A Realm Reborn: Main Scenario Questline

Your journey begins with a vision of a crystal who whispers to you, this is followed by an attack by an ‘unknown’ masked and hooded stranger. You are suddenly shrouded by light and transform in to a very much fancier geared version of yourself. You attack the stranger (or defend yourself depending on how you want to look at it!) with a big glowy weapon and the vision ends.

You awake in your starting city and are faced with another cutscene where you meet some NPCs and then wander off to join the Adventurer’s Guild. In order to make a name for yourself, you help with problems across the land that have only recently begun to occur. Along the way you meet one of the several heroes that you must assist to vanquish more dangerous threats (your hero depends on which city you started in).  After a more prominent fight against a golem or demon, you encounter the masked mage from your opening cutscene.

After this point, the stories align as you are given an envoy quest to go and visit all three cities to alert them that the IVX Legion of the Garlean Empire is preparing bad things for Eorzea. The three cities then request your aid to deal with imminent threats which bring you to unlock the three dungeons, as you progress from city to city; Sastasha, Tamtara and finally Copperbell Mines. 

Saving a woman in front of the population of Ul’dah (some berk you come across later attacks her) draws the attention of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn (an elite group of heroes tasked with the ongoing protection of the realm).  You travel to their HQ (set your ‘favourite destination’ port to Horizon, you’ll be visiting here a shed load!) where you meet with their leader, Minfilia who tells you that you possess a power called the ‘Echo’ which allows you to see events experienced by another. She too shares this gift. 

Fire Crystal: After being initiated into the Scions you are tasked to investigate events in Camp Drybone. The berk from earlier, Ungust, has been kidnapping people for the Amaljaa. The Immortal Flames of Ul’dah devise a plan to draw out the offender, however, they are betrayed from within which results in their and your capture. The Amaljaa present you, and the others, as a sacrifice to their god, Ifrit who has the ability to burn the souls of his victims to make them his obedient minions (tempering). However, you are immune to this ability from him and keep your mind and Ifrit decides to attack you and fails. You discover a crystal that represents one of the six elements, fire. Nero and Lyvia have watched the whole battle.

Back at the Waking Sands you are told of the purpose behind the sacrifices to Ifrit. Primals are god-like creatures brought into being by the tribe that worships them, when they are brought into the world they require large amounts of Aether to remain here which causes large amounts of crystals to be hoarded. They also gain strength from more followers (who doesn’t?!).  You discover that everyone captured with you will be put to death as once they have been tempered by Ifrit, they will worship him forever. 

You are visited by envoys from each city-state. Time to choose your Grand Company.

Following this, you are required to go out on a mission with your new Grand Company which leads you to Biggs and Wedge, who you are required to protect before being sent off to discover more about the Sylphs and their primal, Ramuh. 

You begin to learn the best ways to introduce yourself to the Sylphs and take a peace missive to them. They do not trust you so they require you to deal with threats in the forest and bring back proof, some of which reveals the presence of Imperial Soldiers. You are then given a mission by the head Sylph of Little Solace, Noraxia, to deal with tempered Sylphs trying to claim other Sylphs souls. You gain the trust of the Sylths who tell you their Elder has been missing for a long time. You seek the aid of the Twin Adders (the Grand Company of that region) and undertake tasks for a tavern that reveal a trader who has been feeding the Garleans information, allowing them to easily overcome the forest defences. After dealing with them, you locate the Sylph Elder.

Back at the Waking Sands you are given more information on Lahabrea, the ‘masked mage’. You’re sent out to find more information but it results in very little. On returning you find the Sylph Elder has been chased into the Thousand Maws of Totorak (dungeon) in an attempt to escape the Garleans. You are faced by Lahabrea who summons a monster to squish you. Obviously, this fails and you rescue the Elder, Frixio. The Sylphs then give further information on Ramuh, basically that Ramuh doesn’t want the Sylphs to summon him but some go against his wishes and performed a ritual that left them tempered and wished to temper other Sylphs. Those who did not want to be bound to the will of Ramuh, fled and now live in Little Solace. Frixio assures you the tempered Sylphs will not summon Ramuh unless faced with deadly force. After observing the tempered Sylphs and seeing no activity you return and Frixio gives you the Lightning Crystal. Your crystal total should now be at three, having gained the other earlier while finishing your city-state missions.**(citation needed!).

Minfilia ponders on your meeting the Lahabrea and the intentions of the Ascians. To learn more you head to Little Ala Mhigo where you learn Lahabrea has a connection with some of the refugees. To get closer to the people/resistance you assist their Captain in Quarrymill. You gain his trust by saving one of his men, in return, he gives you a letter to take to their leader, Gundobald, who assists with your investigation. It is discovered one of his men Wilred, seeks to summon the Ala Mhigan diety, Rhalgr. After foiling Wilreds evil plans, you discover that it was Lahabrea who was behind the idea. 

On return to the Waking Sands, you discover Lahabrea has been sighted in the North Shroud. Here you find a button that belongs to Ursandel and his wife Lady Adamantine. She was tainted by the void after the Calamity and has since been performing sacrifices with the aid of the Ascians, so you visit Hawkke Manor (dungeon) to put an end to her. Two masked Ascians appear then quickly vanish. 

The city-states are in a panic, so Minfillia tells them to tighten security. You head back to the North Shroud to put an end to the murders by killing a winged eyeball.. uh huh! Soon after you are approached by the Maelstrom claiming Titan has been summoned by the Kobold tribe and your help is needed to deal with him. To defeat him you must attain knowledge from the so-called Company of Heroes who had defeated him before. You do the company many (many questionable!) favours, including obtaining a rare Goblin cheese from Brayflox’s Longstop (dungeon). You are sent to Riol who tells you of how you can travel directly to The Navel (Titans lair) using a specific Aetheryte, rather than fighting your way through Kobold.  Y’shtola assists you with the activation of the Aetheryte. The angry Kobolds want to kill you for invading their Primal’s lair by summoning him. After defeating him, the masked men and two men of the Empire, Nero and Rhitahtyn, begin discussing Titans power as they had been watching your battle and decide it is time to move forward with their plans. Y’shtola overhears this then concentrates her efforts on helping you escape. You obtain your fourth elemental crystal; earth. You report your success to the Maelstrom and return to the Waking Sands.

On your return, you find a devastating situation. Bodies of your comrades are strewn across the waking sands and you find Noraxia laying on the floor of the solar, dying. Using the Echo, you discover the Waking Sands was attacked by the Imperials in your absence. They killed many and took some of your friends hostage including Minfilia, Urianger, Papalymo and Tataru. Noraxia tells you to take shelter in the Eastern Thanalan church and then dies.

At the church, you befriend the two men, Father Iliud and ‘Marques’ and help them repel an attack by an Imperial who had been watching the church. Marques claims he cannot remember his past but fears he is being watched. Alphinaud appears and reveals to Marques that he is, in fact, Master Cid Garlond and he has been missing since the Calamity 5 years ago. Cid puts his trust in Alphinaud and decides to help him, in the knowledge that the Ixal has summoned their Primal Garuda and they will need his old airship ‘The Enterprise’ to reach her. To do this you are sent to Coerthas where we skip 6 levels of content that have little impact on the main story. The Coerthas quests focus on the story of that specific zone.  You help the soldiers repel dragon attacks and uncover plots to gain the trust of the Ishgardians. After defeating a corrupt inquisitor, you enter the Stone Vigil (dungeon) in hopes of acquiring the Enterprise after it was thrown in there during the Calamity before the Vigil was overrun with dragons. The Enterprise is located at the top, however, guarded by a very large dragon who you must defeat. Alphinaud and Cid sneak onto the ship and begin repairs while you have been trapped by Lahabrea and left with the task of fighting the dragon..sound fair? After defeating the dragon you obtain your fifth elemental crystal; Ice. You escape to Gridania where the airship can be fully repaired. 

For the Enterprise to be able to withstand a journey through Garuda’s winds you are required to go fetch some corrupted crystals. At this stage you get sent on a bit of a frustrating wild goose chase to locate the crystal Cid needs but eventually, you return the item. The ship is now ready to go and on the way Cid experiences some flashbacks and remembers who he is more fully after you use the power of the Echo to reveal his former life to him.

You arrive to find that the Ixal are holding other beastmen hostages such as the Kobold and the Amaljaa. Cid and Alphinaud confront the Ixal while you deal with Garuda. She powers up in an attempt to temper you but you counter her with an attack of your own, injuring her severely and claiming your sixth elemental crystal; Wind. 

Garuda, barely holding onto her physical form, questions your power when suddenly Gaius van Baelsar appears to taunt the group and overpowers the Ixal using the Magitek canons equipped to his arm. Garuda tortures the other captives and in their fear, they summon their Primals, Ifrit and Titan so that she can absorb their Aether and become more powerful. However, Gaius seizes this moment to reveal the Empires most powerful machine designed to combat any Primal summoned into the world; Ultima Weapon. Gaius uses Ultima to defeat and absorb all the Primals, making it even stronger. Gaius leaves you with the ultimatum that Eorzea should surrender to Garlean rule, or be crushed. 

With the need to regroup the Scions you must locate your missing friends at Castrum Centri in Mor Dhona. After a vision from Hydaelyn (a massive crystal diety that oversees Eorzea), you return to the Waking Sands to come up with a plan with the remaining Scions. Meanwhile, Gaius prepares Ultima for the final invasion and assigns Rhatatin to Cape Westwind.   

At the Castrum, you scout out an entrance, steal some uniforms and a Magitek Reaper and then make your way in. You show up just in time to save your allies and proceed to fight waves of enemies. You proceed to escape and end up being cornered by enemies on a cliff edge just outside the Castrum. Yda and Y’shtola show up to save you just as things are looking dire. The Magitek Reaper also appears and provides a distraction so that you can all escape on the Enterprise. As you fly away you see the completed Ultima Weapon and the Lahabrea reveals himself to be Thancred *gasp*… It’s okay, he’s possessed but this explains how the Imperials knew all the plans of the Scions.

The ultimatum is taken to the leaders of the city-states who reject it and prepare their forces. Meanwhile, Minfilia reveals she has a crystal of darkness in hope to save Thancred. You are sent to Northern Thanalan to rally the troops and prepare them for the coming battle. ‘Operation Archon’ is put into effect with each of the alliances dealing with various Castrums or strongholds. You are tasked with dealing with Cape Westwind alongside the Ala Mhigan resistance (Trial) where you take down Rhitahtyn, and then to go on to support the Immortal Flames at Castrum Meridianum (Main Scenario Dungeon). You are tasked with taking down the Ceruleum plant powering the first generator. Cid fixes the Reaper and uses it to destroy the second tower. While looking for means to take down the third and final tower, an airship attacks you. Using the mortars you cause the ship to crash into the third tower and you take down the Praetorium defences. Livia and her own Magitek Reaper attack you in an attempt to stop you from progressing further. Using the canons you dismount Livia from her armour and then battle. Once she’s been defeated Cid tells you to go back to the Enterprise in order to enter the Praetorium (Main Scenario Dungeon).  

Biggs, Wedge and Cid drop you off at the Praetorium so that you can search out the Ultima Weapon and end this for good. Cid stays behind to relay information from the control room and leads you to the same piece of Magitek Armour you attuned to earlier in the story. Using the Reaper you break through some of the Praetorium’s stronger defences. You exhaust your Reaper’s core on the final door you must continue on foot where you find Nero who battles to you to prove his strength to Gaius and also in hope of learning the secrets of the Echo from you using Magitek technology.  He flee’s just before you are able to finish him and take an elevator to the deepest level. As you descend, Gaius shows up to explain that the enlightened races are no different than the beast tribes, that the Twelve require sufficient Aether to maintain physical form and it is their summoning that almost saved the world from Bahamut though almost destroyed Eorzea in the process. Gaius wants you to show you his power but retreats to Ultima’s inner chamber to await the final confrontation. Powering up the Ultima weapon he tries to use the absorbed Primals to slay you. Hydaelyn protects you from this power and banishes the Primals power from Ultima, one by one. On the verge of defeat, Lahabrea appears and tells Gaius that Ultima Weapon had been an instrument of his all along and wished to use its core to unleash Ultima and to bring such ruin that his god would be restored. Against Gaius’ control, he releases the core’s power against you, though you survive with the protection of Hydaelyn. Great destruction is caused and your fight with Ultima resumes. On defeating Ultima, Gaius is ejected, meanwhile Lahabrea talks of his master and how he must return for the realm to survive and in order to do this, he must destroy Hydaelyn and the Scions. He challenges you to one last battle. You forge a weapon of light from the crystals you gathered earlier to attack and destroy him, mirroring your first cutscene at the beginning of the game. You expel Lahabrea from Thancred’s body before joining with the light of your allies to destroy him completely. In this moment the dark crystal controlling Thancred is broken and his body is now free. 

The fortress explodes around you, just as you lose hope of escape your trusty Magitek Reaper reappears to carry you and Thancred to safety just in time! Gaius stands for the last time to admit his conquest is over and accepts his fate within the collapsing fortress. Upon escaping you meet with the other Scions and alliance leaders who now remember who you were 5 years ago; one of the Warriors of Light. Together you all celebrate the closing of the Seventh Umbral Era and welcome the Seventh Astral Era.

As the celebrations continue the Echo shows you one last vision. A crystal of darkness of similar shape to Hydaelyn. Just after the vision a great Primal roar is heard, echoing that of one heard 5 years ago. Bahamut has awoken. The Ascians are shown to be celebrating and raising their hands to their one true god, Zodiark.