In this article I will be not only introducing myself, as your new columnist for Final Fantasy XIV, but introducing my relationship to the game and covering my first impressions of Eorzea: both good and bad.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, my first impressions of Eorzea were resoundingly poor. I remember the experience quite vividly in my mind as I’d decided to try the game out using a free trial I had been directed to during a stream. I had the impression that Final Fantasy XIV would make some nice stream content so I installed it, made my character and began my journey.

Suddenly I was delivered by boat to the most structurally confusing coastal city I’d ever seen, confronted by NPCs with the most unpronounceable names I had ever tried to read and walls of unnecessarily wordy text for each quest I took. As this experience was being broadcast on Twitch I wanted to read everything aloud but, my goodness, it was a mission! Honestly, how am I meant to pronounce ‘Ahldsky’, ‘Wawalago’ and ‘Thubyrgeim’ at speed? At this point I had no idea what quests to take or what area to pursue first. After about two hours I still had not left the city or experienced combat for my class. This was a heavy contrast to what I was used to with other MMOs.


First Impressions


I really didn’t enjoy this experience and couldn’t for the life of me think why anyone would want to play this game. In short, my first impressions were very bad, so I can sympathize with others who have also had a similar first impression to my own. How did I then come to prize this game among my favorite MMOs of all? …. Read More!