Welcome to Astrologian guide from 30-60. In this guide we are going to talk about how to ease up the learning curve as an Astrologian healer in Final Fantasy 14.


Before we start the guide please note that this is to be taken as merely extra info on the class, and not as THE proper ultimate way to play it. Remember to have fun playing the class enjoying it in your style as these are merely guidelines that would help you get better understanding of your class.


Unlocking Astrologian:

Unlocking Astrologian doesn’t require you to have any specific class beforehand, but it requires you to finish the “A Realm Reborn” storyline and access Heavensward main city in order to pick up the quest to unlock it. It will provide you with a soul stone and some initial level 30 gear as you will start the class from level 30.


What is Astrologian?

Astrologian is one of three healing classes available for you to play in FFXIV. The Astrologian is considered a hybrid between the two healing styles the other two healers specialise in. While White Mages rely on raw healing power and regen effects, and Scholars rely on shielding and preemptive shielding to keep the party alive, as an Astrologian you have the power to easily switch between either style during fights, and you can be pretty good at either. The Astrologian might look like it has a very steep start, seeing that you begin at level 30 (especially if it’s the first healing class you try in the game) but I can guarantee that despite being given the class with a lot of skills available, it is very easy to group them and organise them to know which does what.


Cross-Class Skills:

Despite the Astrologian not requiring any specific class to unlock, it restricts itself to getting skills crossed from Conjurer and Thumaturge. Below are skills that are crucial to you as a healer that I strongly recommend you get, might even say all of them are mandatory:


Protect: increases the defence of all party members for 30 minutes. Unlocked by leveling Conjurer to level 8.

Cleric Stance: Increases your offensive power while significantly reducing your healing power. Unlocked by leveling Conjurer to level 6.

Swiftcast: Makes your next spell cast in 10 secs instant. Unlocked by leveling Thumaturge to level 26.

Stoneskin: Shields the target for 10% of their maximum HP for 30 minutes or till the shield is used up. Unlocked by leveling Conjurer to level 34.


Astrologian Skills:

Once you unlock Astrologian you will get all the spells and cooldowns up till level 30. The easiest way to remove the confusion is to group up skills by their main role:

Single Target Heals:
Benefic, Benefic II, Essential Dignity.

AoE Heals:

Exalted Detriment.

Offensive Spells:
Malefic, Combust, Stella.

Lightspeed, Luminiferous Aether

Diurnal Sect. 


So let’s break down each group and what they do:

First, the single target heals comprise of Benefic, which is a cheap heal that is mana-efficient and should be your default healing spell under most circumstances, and Benefic II, which is a stronger version of Benefic, it heals more but also costs more mana and it should be used whenever you need a powerful boost to heal someone back to good health or if the damage is too much for Benefic to cover. And Finally you have Essential Dignity which is an off global cooldown spell which can be used at any time you are not casting, has a 40 sec cooldown but its unique trait is that its potency increases the more the target has lower HP. For example, it heals a target for 2000 on full health, if they have 50% health it would heal them for 4000, if 30% health then 5000 and so on. The ratio might not be exactly accurate but you get the idea.

Secondly, AoE heals at this point comprises of Helios, which heals all targets within range for a good amount of HP, but of course it uses a considerable amount of MP.

Dispells are to take off negative debuffs from your party members. So if any member gets something like “Heavy”, “Poison”, etc, you use Exalted Detriment to clear the debuff. You should do it immediately if you see a member getting inflicted. The debuffs are generally red icons next to the players name on the party list.

Offensive Spells are used when there is nothing to heal and you want to contribute to the damage of the party. In this case you switch on Cleric Stance and start off by casting Combust to deal damage over time to the enemy followed by casts of Malefic. Stella doesn’t really have much use inside PVE environments.

Cooldowns will help you keep up with the fight through various effects. Luminiferous Aether is your main mana regeneration cooldown. Use it whenever your mana reaches around 50-60%. Lightspeed will make all your spells be instant cast and cost 25% less mana for the next 10 seconds. This cooldown is especially useful in heavy AoE-Damage areas where you need to deliver massive amounts of healing in very little time.

You will also have something called Diurnal Sect, this is a Stance. The stance increases your casting speed by 5% while adding a regen effect to 2 spells. These spells are unlocked later and I will cover that at their respective levels. But you should always make sure to have a Diurnal Sect active. Later on you will unlock another one so always make sure one of them is up.


Healing Strategy

Healing doesn’t have a specific “rotation” that I can state here and you follow. Healing is all about predicting the damage and reacting swiftly and firmly to it. Now that you have grouped up the spells you have, be ready to react according to the situation. Only heal when its beneficial and try not to overheal. Overhealing can easily happen by just continuously healing the target while little to no damage is being inflicted, best way to not overheal is to know how much your heals heal for, and then use them when they are covering that amount. For example, if your Benefic heals for 500, don’t heal your target if it only takes 100 damage, wait till they take more and then heal, this will save your mana considerably.


Card Aspect

In addition to healing, Astrologian can provide support buffs to party members using a Card System. This is used through a skill you have called Draw. Once used, you will draw one of six cards randomly, and you will have 30 secs to decide what to do with it. Each card of the six provides a unique buff that can be applied to ONE party member. The cards that you have are as follows:

Spire (Yellow): regenerates target’s TP for the next 15 seconds.
Use on: NIN, MNK, DRG, BRD, MCH.

Ewer (Blue): regenerates target’s MP for the next 15 seconds.
Use on: SMN, AST, WHM, SCH.

Bole (Green): reduces the damage a target takes by 20% for 30 seconds.
Use on: WAR, PLD, DRK.

Balance (Orange): increases the damage dealt by a target by 20% for 30 seconds.

Spear (Purple): reduces the cooldowns of the target by 20%.
Use on: MNK, DRG, DRK, PLD, WAR.

Arrow (Light Blue): increases the target’s attack speed by 10%.
Use on: DRG, BLM, SMN, BRD, MCH.

When you draw, you draw only one of those, and when you use it on a member, you will then wait for 30 seconds before you can draw another one. I have listed above (from my personal experience) which classes work well with which cards. You can also use these cards on yourself.


Additions of level 35:

At this level you will gain a new spell called Aspected Benefic. This spell is your most versatile spell you will have, as it will adapt depending on your active stance. As of now, if you use it while you have Diurnal Sect active you will heal the target while also adding a regenerating effect on them for the next 18 seconds. Healing them for additional HP every 3 seconds. If you use it with the other stance/Sect that you get at level 50 called Nocturnal Sect, you will apply a shield effect on the target for 30 secs. This allows you to adapt to 2 different play styles, either regen or shielding.

You also get a skill called Royal Road. This allows you to use up one card you have drawn and use it to enhance your next draw. Not at all cards give the same bonuses though, here is how they are divided:

Balance or Bole: increase the potency of your next card by 50%

Arrow or Spear: increases the duration of your next card by 100% (to 1 min)

Ewer or Spire: spreads your next card on all nearby targets but reduces its potency by 50%.

This gives you flexibility on how to approach different scenarios, like prepare a spreading effect to use right on pulling the boss so that everyone gets the same bonus. This can take a bit to get used to, but after some practice, you can really change the tide of many battles.


Level 50:

Once you get to level 50 you gain a new sect, called Nocturnal Sect which increases your healing done by 10% and makes 2 of your spells give shielding effect. The spells are Aspected Benefic and Aspected Helios. The latter is one that heals everyone in a radius, but also puts a shield on them if you use Nocturnal Sect, or regen if you are using Diurnal Sect. At this point it all boils down to experimenting with which playstyle is more suited to you.


Level 60 and Tricks:

At level 60 things don’t change much in general when it comes to playstyle, all you get is more cooldowns to use and each of them has situational uses that can really turn the tide of a battle, which will be discussed below:

  • A good way to stack up heals on your tank is to use several of your cooldowns together in order to maximise both healing output, and duration of the regen effects in Dirunal Sect.

Synastry > Collective Unconscious > Aspected helios > Aspected Benefic > Time Dilation > Celestial Opposition.

This should give you around 40 secs of very powerful healing (almost equal to or more than Benefic), allowing you to dps or to easily keep your target up.

  • A good cooldown that is often underrated is Disable. This Cooldown can be used on the boss before a big tank buster or heavy AoE attack to reduce the damage they do by 10%.
  • Once in an “OH CRAP!” situation, use Lightspeed and then start spamming your most powerful heals. The amount of healing that you can dish out with this cooldown is not to be underestimated.
  • Celestial Opposition can work on your cooldowns as well. A safe strategy to maximise the efficiency of Luminiferous Aether or Lightspeed by using either of them (or both of them) then using Celestial. This will increase their duration to 34 secs and 20 secs respectively giving you a massive boost.
  • A good strategy to use before a fight is to apply Stoneskin on your tank and then use Aspected Benefic while in Nocturnal Sect which will apply a shield, then immediately switch back to Diurnal Sect to use the regen bonuses. That way, your tank will have a lot of shields while going in, and you will still have the flexibility of the regen stance.

Wish you Happy Astrologianing!


By Elyrii Slapmaster – Odin EU. The man that plays all the classes and knows lots of stuff and things!