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Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV Resource!

A little website for all things Eorzea.


FFXIV Resource is mostly aimed towards new players, however, old and new players are welcome alike. I hope you can find the content useful and enjoy your visit, kupo!

The original aim of this site was to have all the links I’ve found useful while levelling in one place, then to have a home for my blog and somewhere I could access very short, concise tactics that I would be able to copy and paste to friends. When I first began my journey in with Final Fantasy XIV I hated it, I didn’t take to the game at all and I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to play it. When I was lucky enough to win a competition and give it a second go, I couldn’t believe how wrong I was. The game blew me away and it’s by far the best MMO I have played to date. I have the fondest memories, met the most wonderful people, listened to amazingly beautiful music and been on an amazing adventure that I hope continues long into Stormblood. For my earlier glorious rants regarding my travels in Eorzea, see the blog section, which I’ve recently shifted over from another site so I can combine everything. I can’t promise that all blog posts will be Final Fantasy related but most will be.


I had wanted to write up a simplistic new player guide blog post for a long while, as so many friends came to Eorzea over the last year and were filled with questions. I find myself pointing them in all different directions and sourcing important links I’ve come across over time and wanted to create a place that would have everything in one spot. The blog post ended up being too complex of a mission for my brain to handle and so I focused on other things, like my insane amount of screenshot editing. What I lack in PvE skills I make up for in Eorzean photography. However, I’ve finally created the New Player Guide and I really hope it will be of some use to someone. It’s far from complete, and I ideally wished it to be much shorter, but cramming so much information into only a few sentences is seemingly an impossible task. I’m not going to pretend I know everything (far from it!), there are sure to be plenty of mistakes but I will try to amend them promptly and provide as accurate information as possible. I do not play with a controller so I cannot provide any information on that, eep. If you get lost because of me, I’m so sorry, please let me know! I will continue to update this over time and try to make it as useful as possible though please be warned that 50% of this site might be utter rubbish!

The tactics pages will still be under construction for a while yet but I’ll keep additions updated via Twitter.

If you have any suggestions or you would like to see something added, please drop me a message and I will try my best to sort something out. 



-Novi Rae Odin EU (or Aeyvi!)